Slice of Life Student Writing, Post #1

Here are my students’ Slice of Life pieces.


Take your marks, Go! I dove deep in the water and was in fifth place. I recovered quickly for my 50 yard freestyle in the district swim meet. I knew I was going to go to state, since in my first race, our team won. Anyway, I sprinted my first 25 yards on only 1 breath.

My first mistake.

On the second 25, or the last twenty-five, I took a breath every 4 strokes. That wasn’t that easy. One person was ahead of me and I knew I had to catch up. In the last .087 seconds I did. Sadly, I lost to one person by .3 seconds and missed the state time by .018 seconds!!!!! .018 seconds!!!!
My dad said if my dive was better, and I reached more, I would’ve made 36 seconds. Oh well. At least I learned a lesson: GO FAST. And I did. On the second relay race, POW, I beat everyone up. I was especially glad because the dude who beat me lost. I always reach my goals. Take that, person.


Scratch scratch . What’s that? It sounds like it is coming from the heat
vent. Meow.
Its Lucy! How did she get in there? Let’s get her out. Let’s work together
and get her out. “Emily get the screwdriver. Allison stay here to put the
vent back in. I will take Lucy out. Emily then tell mom and dad that we just
took Lucy out of the vent. It’s okay Lucy we’ve got you.” “Lock Lucy in one
of your rooms while we look at this. She is lucky to be alive that hole
leads to the furnace.” “She’s trying to escape.’


Yes! When I saw the gifted letter, I was really happy. When my mom came
home, I told her the news. She bought me a Lego set a few days later.
The Lego set was awesome. It took a few hours to build. When I entered
the gifted class, the things were harder. It was still very fun. I am happy I
am in the gifted class.


Oh, crud. I’m in trouble. Big trouble. Why was it left out? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, crud.
Five minutes earlier…
“Can you get the blue paper downstairs on the counter?”
“Sure”, I said.
As I got the papers, I picked up a bug that I had gotten with a magic trick, a
brown rubber cockroach, and slipped it in between the two papers. From
experience, I learned that my dad is scared of cockroaches. Immensely.
He flips the bug towards me, and is raging , from his expression. Oh, crud.


Ahhhhhh. Bow tie noodles, the best noodles ever. I was in preschool and
bow tie noodles were for lunch. “Whoohoo I yelled. I got my first serving
and it was… Great! Then I accidentally got the noodles with tuna fish! blegh! yuck! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then, I barfed I learned that tuna fish is horrible and i should always check my food before i eat.


Attack of The Elements (A Fictional Story)

Today I am visiting Pompeii. I stroll along the various streets until I felt the ground shaking beneath me. Mount Vesuvius was erupting. The lava was as hot as a million fires burning at once. I had to escape. So I ran out of there as fast as I could. I barely escaped with my life.
Later that day I decided to go to Florida. When I got there I started to relax on the beach thinking “What could possibly go wrong”. Around that time some things did go wrong. Right then a waterspout erupted in the middle of the ocean heading straight towards me. The waterspout sucked me in and threw me out on a deserted island. I made a signal and when a plane flew over it picked me up and dropped me in Wisconsin.
When I landed a earthquake happened I fell trough it. Luckily I had a parachute to save me and a time machine. While I was falling I used the time machine to go to the future and grab a jet pack. Then I brought it back to the past then I flew out of the earthquake. Then I went back home and I decided I should write about this experience. I called it “The Attack of The Elements”.


Oh no! I thought. I was going to fall! I was on a climbing wall near the top. Thankfully the climbing wall had harnesses and ropes, but what if they failed? My worries grew as I went near the top. When I finely reached the top I was filled with relief. As I slowly fell down back to the ground, I thought about how I faced my fears.


Do you hear about the heartbreaking stories of abused, hurt or unfed

pets? I do. It does break my heart. But are there so many that we are ignoring
the other animals? I decided to do something about the animals who are hurt, but are not
cared for and are pushed away with the heartbreaking stories of pets.

Animal Farming.
Where you torture innocent farm animals, and then, eat them.
Maybe… The upcoming class project.

Most people do not know of this problem. Oh, I’ll just tell everyone separatly. I’ll start crying during the presentation.
But what else can I do?

My legs were jittery. I had volunteered to go first, so I would get it over with. I don’t mind public speaking, but with this…

21 eyes, up at me. Expecting to hear the usual. It was a surprise for most of the class, not knowing what the topic was about. I started, telling facts., laws, and ways to stop this horrifying truth. 21 eyes, up at me…

Man. I did not expect to hear people so curious, engrossed, not shooing it away as a classic animal loving presentation.

I had made a difference.

From the day I researched about this, I have, do, and always will cringe
when I eat meat, or read any heartbreaking story of a pet, thinking
about those animals, suffering always, quietly without a voice.


A couple years ago I went apple picking. I thought that apple picking was supposed to be fun. I thought apple picking was supposed to be easy, but boy was I wrong. The minute I stepped onto the wet grass I was looking around for the reddest apples I could find. Unfortunately I wasn’t looking were I was going.

First I bumped into a tree. Then an apple fell on me. Then a bee stung me. What could go wrong now? Now this was a trip that I will never ever forget.


THE ZONE AND THE BALLS(a true story?

Have you ever been in the zone? The place when you know that it’s going
to be a perfect kick, throw, or kick. I was in it last week. Anish threw the
football and I knew I would catch it. A perfect throw and a perfect catch. Suddenly, I felt a sickening pain in my stomach. OWWWWWWWW!
Someone kicked a 4 pound soccer ball at 10 miles an hour right in my
stomach! It felt as if throwing up was a little thing. I felt tremendous pain in everywhere, mostly my stomach. I’ve been hit many times before in the stomach but not for a long time so this time it really hurt. I suppose sometimes you can’t have everything in life.


Hands raised in the air. Girls sitting in a circle. My Girl Scout Junior friends gathered around.

It was Saturday night and all of my Junior friends were gathered around for our bronze award. We had to do at least one journey before we did our bronze award. We had to do at least 20 hours of work. We had to do at least 8-10 hours of actually doing the work.

The bronze award is when a Junior finds a place in her community that has a need, and she asks for donations for that need. When she has completed those twenty hours of her bronze award, she goes back and gives them the donations. At the bridging ceremony, the girls who did it receive the bronze award. Did I forget to mention the bronze award is optional? Well it is. I’m doing it this year. It’s a food drive/money donation for FMSC (feed my staving children) and for hungry children. I was really interested in what my mom had to say (she’s my leader). I was also very sad that so many kids don’t get food in so many places.


The last day on vacation…
Enjoying as much as you can. The last day on
vacation…Going on as many rides as you can. The last day on
vacation…Taking pictures to remember the wonderful times you had
And that was exactly what we were doing, Until…
We were in Disney World in Florida, it was our last day there, we had a
8:30 flight back to cold, snowy Chicago.
It was the end of the day, we were packing up to go, just then I heard a
scream, it was my mom.
“My purse is gone”!
We looked everywhere. It has to be here somewhere, we thought. Boy we
were wrong.
We turned the whole place upside down. Finally, we decided to tell the
workers. We walked to the main office and told them everything. My
mom’s money, phone, and I.D were in that purse. They finally came out
with my mom’s purse. They checked her I.D and gave her back the purse.
Thank Goodness, I thought. Luckily, we caught our flight in time. And
made it back to Chicago.
Even though we had a exiting adventure at Disney World I was glad to be
Home Sweet Home.


Horses, Horses I love horses.
Shirly was the first horse I ever rode. You see it was my first day at the sumer camp at the stable and I was just going for fun. Not knowing that horses would soon become my favorite animal and sport.
But I’m glad that I had that first day the first day of horses, saddles, hay, grain.

Today I got to ride a horse I never rode before, his name was Lag. Lag was pretty old but still tried to nip me. He listened fairly well and Angela, my annoying sister was riding Glory a tall strawberry roan pony.
Strawberry Roan is a color and Lag was bay, bay is usually a dark brown with a black mane, tail, and legs. Lag was pretty tall compared to me but I had a good time!


I drop dead. Dead. DEAD!
I knew it from the start. I wasn’t going to make it. Even if I was cheered
6 point breaking in 10 seconds. My brother is shaking me to relax when
you break. I didn’t even practice. 6 wooden boards. But there was no time
left. I needed to do it. Know, and fast. I set myself up. And then I start.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Setup, Breath, Break. Setup, Breath, Break. Time
flies by fast, but I did it. 9.2 seconds. I did it.
Only 40 percent of the students make it. ONLY 40!!!!!!!! And I am in the 40
I learned that day that to not trust my instincts, but to trust reality.


In the dark.
Waiting. Waiting for Moose to come upstairs. Waiting to be
able to pet him. Here he comes trying to sneak up on me. With his eyes
glowing bright he is hard to miss. Hiding one eye thinking I can’t see him.
Be quiet Moose or mom and dad will hear us.
I love you Moose.
Goodnight. }<| :



Have you ever been in a thunderstorm?
If so, you might understand the reason why I didn’t mind the rain.

It was Sunday.
The sky turned a misty white at the end of a 2 hour class at a school in Arlington Heights. It started pouring. The lightning alarm blared in the distance, but thus far, lightning is a artistic thing that is not very dangerous. My family’s car thrashed and splashed to home.

I got out of the car.
The rain started pouring harder, as if it was not satisfied with my response to it’s recent warning. I still walked to the front door and got my grandma, who was making food, to come out. She came out and we rode the car to a restaurant.

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