Student Work 3/15/15

The wind rushed with me. I went down the hill. AHHHHHHHH!! Right in front of me, there were two humongous pools of water. I went straight through them. Oh well.


Just. So. Satisfying.
There are all kinds of books, all twisted in some ways.
The indescribable trance you are in when you read a book is always different.
A plethora of fantasy, wonder, innovative ideas, a paradise of beauty, awe, and……..

Inspiration, the critic that pushes our crisises away and forces our fears away from the wonderful brain we all have.
If you want to see the greatest places, grandest landmarks………………….



I fly over the gleaming lighthouse surrounded by the rough sea. I am looking for my lost birdling. I can feel it. This was the same lighthouse where the fox tricked me into dropping my baby. Where I had been a foolish mother. You may know me as the crow from the fox and the crow by Aesop. But my real story is that I didn’t drop a piece of meat to that fox, I dropped my beloved child, Scrambles. Scrambles isn’t eaten;that fox stole her. those evil foxes have always wanted to train birds to catch flying food. MY poor little muffin is turning evil. Those humans will never know that their so-called stories are true.

THE END- Oh, my life has to many!


Today I went shopping to get some things to get ready for Spring Break. First we went to Half Price Books to buy 30 books to donate to Bernie’s Book Bank. Next we went to Toys R Us and bought 2 lego minifigures series 13. Then we went to Target for about 2 hours to go shopping for clothes for Florida. Finally we went to Chipotle to pick up lunch and then we headed home.


A pile of black mush comes out of the chicken as she stops for a few seconds.Eww. I shold have gone wih chief to investigate the pearl necklace. Atleast I wouldnt be running across Main St.about to get killed by a car racing down the street.

Wow. This is is one fast chicken.

Instead of doing this, I should be asking if you are supposed to call the police to go chasing a chicken crossing the New Mexico-Arizona border!


I was so scared of the yellow ride. About a 85° slant downwards, and a 265 meter drop. Just go, already, said Tanay, my brother’s best friend. Fine, I yell over the rippling waves. Ready set goo!! I immediately thought of eating when I almost slipped on the water. Now that I look back, I know I’m not a coward.


I am so excited Spring Break is just around the corner. My family and I have been making preparations for this trip for a two months. We have been packing and shopping and waiting for a long time. I can’t wait because Spring Break is around the corner!


“Oh no!” That was my sisters voice. “My wind up pony broke.” Fast forward two months…………. The pony was sitting on Claire’s glass shelf. It hadn’t been touched for ages. I didn’t really think about the next thing I did, but I picked up the delicate object and started fixing it.

The two back legs on the pony had snapped, so if I taped them together, they would trot along the table gracefully. I got scotch tape and put the pieces together.

Done. I showed it to Claire. She thanked me as we watched it galloping on the coffee table making a clicking noise.



One thought on “Student Work 3/15/15

  1. I am continually amazed at the feelings and sentiments that this group of writers manage to get across in so few words. Kudos you guys!

    I love the one about books. That feeling when you get lost in a book is priceless.


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