Student Work 3/15/15 PERSONAL NARRATIVES!

20 students eyes up at me. Butterflies in my stomach. I was SO nervous.

NO. Don’t let that negative voice get in the way Faith. Just do your best, you can do it. That is what I kept telling myself.
I wouldn’t have been as nervous if I had planed what I was going to say. It wasn’t a long speech, nothing fancy. Just talking about what I love to do most: rainbow loom. I was going to pass around some of my charms and loom. But I had so many what ifs?

What if someone snaps a band?

What if they don’t like my presentation?

What if someone’s not careful with one of my charms?

But here’s the weird thing: I was excited. Excited to share my talent with my teacher(s) and classmates. Excited to get this OVER WITH. When I finished, I was so, SO glad it was over. And when you’re nervous or stressed, just take a deep breath and everything will be okay.


Beep! Honk! Sounds were booming in my ears. Were we here already? I saw lush green grass in one corner of my eye, but in the other I saw panic,worries, but the picture that vividly came to mind even though vivid was the least of my abilities. Darkness. Pure darkness. nothing but darkness. Any way have you guessed where I am yet?

This was my first time in Downtown. We were stuck in a gas- guzzling car. I hated everything about that car ride. Thank goodness it was a rental. My advice to you if you don’t like something think about what will happen when you are through with it, and things will seem a whole lot brighter. I promise.


ang! Crash!

Scratches covered my leg, but that was nothing compared to the aggravating pain in my knee. I couldn’t bring myself to see the sight. But I know it was gushing blood. I was so scared. And MAD. How could people make such a horrible invention: a bike without training wheels.

My bike was on me, without my protective training wheels. The road and the weight of the bike hurt so much.

After that, I can only remember band-aids and cotton balls,disinfectant and my dad carrying me home.

Don’t ever panic when you get hurt;physically and emotionally. My dad was in a BIG pickle trying to get me home, and me crying my eyes didn’t help. Trust me; you don’t want a frustrated helper/doctor. Also don’t give up. I had MANY of these falls, and it’s been 3 years since I said bike riding on my own. Negatives only last so long.


I was thrown backward as adults with wine bottles walked into the room.
Kids splintered the ground with electronics. The T.V was turned on impossibly fast agilly in a few miniseconds.
Electronics were plugged with chargers.
Screens turned on with Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Angry Birds, and…………………………………………..
Traffic Racer.

But the bad, dreadful things REALLY happened when the WII turned on.
The was a crazy, hectic line of people waiting.
White hot lobster, crab meat, and pasta was served.


I watched as clans clashed clans.
Mining trips were approved, birds smashed into pigs, and cars smashed into disingenerated and dispatched Vans.
My own screen turned on and I went to Jetpack Joyride.
The sound of scientists( NERDS) was definite.
And the Jetpack rattled as a rainbow colored gear turned the character to M.r C.U.D.D.L.E.S, a robot dragon.

And that’s what I did on thanksgiving.

No! I left my electric scooter on overnight. MOM! Can I go to the Huntington park? Ok, but I’m coming too, says my mom. Whatever. I press the button to on the electric scooter to the fullest speed: 12 miles per hour. Woohoo! This is fun, until I get there….. 5 minutes later: Okay. This electric scooter really is wobbly. This can only mean one thing; This machine is almost out of battery. Oh no. As I turn back to go home, the electric scooter stops. Lesson: always come prepared when going anywhere.


Horse on the loose
So it started one day I was a horseback riding camp. I was riding a troublesome horse called Windy.
So we were just walking and a horse named bravo got stung by a bee and started cantering around like he was crazy.
Unfortunately the rider could not control him so the teacher said ” Run him into Gordy”. So she did and he stopped.
After a while of walking the teacher said to trot again. So the same thing happened Bravo got stung again but this time the rider fell off so there was a horse on the loose!!! We had to go into the middle and dismount. While bravo went crazy!

When you ride a horse it’s not just sitting on the horse but to communicate with the horse and when a horse spooks never scream or the horse will go wild so remain CALM!!!!!!!


Title: The Spelling Bee(2013-2014)
Thank god I studied for the sixth grade spelling words.”Derivative,” Mr. Armamentos reads of the spelling list. D-E-R-I-V-A-T-I-V-E. Correct! I watch Riya and Anish, their faces screwed up in concentration, trying to spell their words correctly. Anish spelled his word incorrectly. Just me and Riya left. Riya spells her word wrong. If I spell the next two words correctly, I become champion. Pressure surrounds me. I know I can do this. “Complacency.” This one should be easy. Think! I think to myself, Com-pla-cen-cy. Right. I say, “C-O-M-P-L-A-C-E-N-C-Y.” That is correct, Mr.A says. All the boys are looking at me, as if they need me to win. “Juxtapose,” Mr.A reads off. J-U-X-T-A-P-O-S-E. Correct!!! I’ve won the class Spelling Bee. I congratulate everyone else who competed. It was a happy day for me.(a true story)


The mile run(s)

My heart is pounding. This is the first time I’m doing the mile run.
When we started, I started with a jog. I gradually ran faster. When I finished the first lap, I felt a little tired. I slightly became more tired on the second lap. I felt a little more tired on the third lap. On the final lap, I felt exhausted. I finally finished the mile run.
I gasped for air. I got a time of 8 minutes 25 seconds. Yay? At least I got third in the class.
The next time I did the mile run, I wasn’t as nervous. When I finished, my heart wasn’t beating that fast. I got 7 minutes 20 seconds this time.

When you run a long distance, you kind of run fast in the beginning, and then you jog when you feel tired.



Water drips from the rocks along the lazy river. Kaia and Alex come screaming by. WAIT KAIA AND ALEX?!? I opened my eyes ” we’re going on the Eagles Nest want to come?” Sure, what’s the Eagles Nest? They point to a big tube twisting and turning along the waterpark.

Stairs, stairs and stairs. Guess what about a mile of stairs. How high is this thing? As we reach the top, screams echo through the dome-like tube. Even though I love thrill rides my stomach is twisting and turning like the tube. We get on. Push! AHHHHHHHHH! My hands grip the balloon-like fabric. Squeaks from the raft follow us through. The water starts to get rough. Polp! The raft goes up then down. We all bounce around!


It’s pure black. OH NO! I hate dark rides you can’t tell where you’re going. I start to scream. Then I see light and other sweet, living people. YEAH, THANK YOU WORLD IM FREEEEEEEE! Back to the lazy river.



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