Student Work – March 18th – Write from a Picture

Students were given the following image to write from:


I jump on Beetle
He twists, trying to bite me
Giddy up! Yee-haw! :)

He is on my back!
Get off Frog! Seriously!
I am NOT a horse! :(


The hunt

Trudge. Trudge. Trudge. It’s time to hunt the little rhino. Weapons? Check. Time for him to feel my wrath. I crept up behind him. I prepared to capture him. I prepared my weapons.
I jumped. I lashed out my invisible claws and scored them into the little rhino. The rhino shrieked, and slowly collapsed onto the hard surface. The mother of the rhino heard the shriek and came charging at me. Her horn hit me, and I was knocked out. Great, two deaths in one hunt.


The frog landed on the horned taxi doing it’s business.
“I’ll pay you 3 water beetles if you let me tourtue you for 3 hours.”
The rhinoceros beetle wolfed down it’s payment.

Believe it or not, the beetle flies with it’s business as fuel.


The frog used it’s tongue to transport himself and disgust death eaters.
SECTOR3:NABOO flashed on a nearby tree.
Yoda leaped by and handed the frog a light saber.
“You have shown your bravery.”
The beetle was awarded a miniature tank helmet. ( with a blaster )
Together they pushed back the storm troopers.
The frog was locked in combat with Chacellor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Ventress at the same time.

They lived in NABOO for the rest of their lives.


Sammie the salamander loved to jump.
He jumped on everything, including lumps.
But turns out the lump ws something else.
The rhinoceres beetle, Mr.Mels.
Mr, Mels thought it was a game.
So Sammie and Mr. Mels played the game with fame.
But Sammie did not know an important thing.
His friend Mr. Mels is not who Sammie thinks.



Mr.Froggy one day met a rhinoceros beetle. He yelled “Let’s ride” and jumped on the beetle. The beetle started to run Mr.Froggy yelled “Yee-Haw!” The beetle started to try to buck the frog ff but Mr.Froggy held on tight. The beetle knowing his efforts were futile stopped trying to buck the frog off. Then they both rode off into the distance.


Nothing to do with picture:

Once apon a time there was a little boy named Jack. He had a mom, and a cow. His family was really poor. One day he met this farmer who was trying to be nice to get good karma. The boy was pretty disappointed because someone he didn’t know tried to steal the cow. Now try to steal my beans. HA!


Buck Buck Buccaneer

I was walking about doing my own business when I saw a rather large snake slithering. Aah! Where are those poisonous fangs when you need them.

I made the unfortunate choice of NOT learning how to swim like a regular frog. I knew I shouldn’t have gone walking on Friday the 13th. Why do i always do this.

I was swept downstream by the rushing river water. When I saw rapids up ahead. I clutched onto my back for dear life. ( what can I say its a frog thing ). I jumped off. Ow! I landed on a rhinoceros beetle’s horn. Giddy up Partner! I yelled so loud it echoed throughout.

Do you know why?! I know why! because we were being chased by a snake! Help! Why am I always getting into trouble so much??? Then disaster struck. That darn beetle bucked me onto its back which glided up and down like a sharp motor. As I hopped up and down like a cowboy on a horse with a large boa constrictor chasing you. When will this end?!


The Rhinoceros Beetle and the Frog
(beetle’s point of view)

Time to invade the amphibians. Mwhahahahhaha!!! Excuse me for my unkind manners. My name is Bull. Ambush! Two frogs come spiralin’ out of nowhere. The first frog is completely pathetic. I strike him with my leg and slam him with my horn. The second frog rodeos on my back, like he thinks he’s some big shot. I use my poisonous gas. The gas takes full effect on him. He falls to the ground and drowns. Bye-Bye frog!


Definition of Gerald: skinny legged, big eyed, big mouthed, orage frog.

Definition of Oscar: huge horned, a pitch black colored beetle.

As the sun peeked out from the trees, and the birds started serenading and the gorillas were beating their chests, Gerald and Oscar awoke. Gerald opened one eye, then the other. Oscar twitched one horn then the other. “Oscar!” exclaimed Gerald. “The forecast says we are going to have a hurricane!” This was actually just a light drizzle for a human. But for someone small it was considered a hurricane. “Take cover!” shouted Oscar. The clouds became as gray as a pencil line. “Oh NOOO!” screamed Gerald. he got hit by 3 raindrops. Oscar was hiding under a leaf now. Gerald clung on top of Oscar. It started to poor. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” they both screamed. They fell out of the tree and landed in a mud puddle. Then, the rain stopped and the sun hurdled in. “We survived the hurrican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they both shouted. ”And this mud puddle is a great place to swim in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


One thought on “Student Work – March 18th – Write from a Picture

  1. These are awesome! What a great idea and what a great picture. The different ideas are inspiring. Could I possibly share some of these pieces with students I work with?


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