Student Writing – Big Idea Ideas/Spring Break Plans, etc.

I am probably going to do Doctor Who for my Big Idea because it is my passion. He has 13 regenerations (so far) and is (I think so, others don’t have to agree) awesome. He travels around the world in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). A lot of people know this already, but I am planning a surprise that will test your knowledge of this intergalactic alien superhero.
Because Earth is being destroyed, we might have to go to different place to live. Scientists have found a planet called Kepler 438b. It is the planet most like Earth (besides Earth). I chose Kepler 438b because if we can’t survive global climate change, we have to go to a new planet. Scientists also have researched that this planet might have aliens on it. We might even make new friends! If Earth is going to be destroyed by global climate change, Kepler 438b is the light in our darkness.

Ahhhhh! My mom and Dad surprised me and my sisters were going to universal for spring break. We are going to be there for four days. I might even see Jacob because we will be in the same hotel. I’m still shaking that’s how excited I am. If you don’t know its in Florida and the reason I really want to go there is because the have two Harry Potter theme parks! I’m going to get there on Tuesday, but we’re driving.

Spring Break. Ahhh… What comes to your mind when I say Spring Break?
Here I’ll tell you.
In the top three vacation dates
No work!
Got 2 B somewhere else!

Really! A week! Yes!!!!!
Each student totally deserves it.
A time to make memories.
Kills the last piece of hard work in you for a week.

relaxes your thoughts
gargantuantly bad way

because its a break.
readys you up for a great time
extra fun-time
kicking soccer balls for a week!
Students love It
Perfect for Vacations
It’s test free
Never boring

Beautiful sunshine
Reading lots of books
Entire week of no school
A week of excitement
King of all school breaks

Some, not a ton of fun
Probably one of the best breaks
Reading time
In Florida, it will be fun
No PARCC testing(for once)’!
Great time

Rad activities
Enjoyed time
Arm is sore of turning reading book pages
Keen person who invented SPRING BREAK!!!;)

It’s spring break and I cannot wait for my trip. This is going to be the best spring break ever! I am going to go to Universal and ride all of the thrill rides that they have there. It is going to be a lot of fun. I hope that everybody is going to have a great spring break.

My first time reading the Harry Potter series. I was nervous. How would I like them? What if I didn’t like them?

Thoughts were racing though my mid. I was warned that the first couple chapters in the first book were a little boring. They were boring, but also important. The tabby cat watching them. The men in cloaks. When the Dursley’s get a note saying that Harry Potter needs to go to a special school, they ignore the letter.

Harry meets new friends at his school. They are Hagrid and Ron. The school is Hogwarts, it’s a special school for wizards and witches.


My Spring Break acrostic:

Spending time with family
Play with my sisters
Interesting outfits
No homework!!!
Going to play outside

Bug my sisters
Read more
Extra week OFF!!
All you can eat ice cream
Kill some time on video games

Hey! Do you know those electronics kids stare at everyday? Do you know those washing machines that just make life easier? What about those nifty vehicles that transport you just about anywhere?!!! All these convenient, innovative objects are considered machines!


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