Student Work – Spring Break!

I gave students the opportunity (and option to write each day over break).

I am so glad so many have taken this challenge!

Here are some pieces thus far!



My first sleepover. It was a disaster.

We got to Tanay’s house and played clash of clans. I got bored, because I was the only person that wasn’t occupied with a device. Next, we played with nerf guns. I got shot twice. Then, we went to sleep. Everybody was hogging the blankets. Last, we went home. She said the next sleepover would be in one month.

My first sleepover. It was a disaster.


Do you ever feel like nothing can get better than what your doing? Well that is what I was feeling today.

I was downtown. The sun peeked out from the blocky buildings. It was as bright as gold.

The wind rustled the leaves and cars started driving around.

The city was awake.

It felt great walking through Chicago City.

I loved the sight of the pigeons walking around, pecking at the concrete ground trying to find food scraps.

I loved the sound of homeless people playing there saxophone.

I loved smell of the Pot Belly restaurant that was busy making savory soup, salad, and sandwiches.

I loved the way thecars and buses were blurs as they raced across the street.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…………this is the life.


Backhand, left hand, right hand… Tennis. A nice sport if you think about it. I was beating my dad because the wind was in my favor. Then, the wind decided to change direction. I hate you, wind. That set I was beating him by, he won that one. I suppose you can’t have everything in life.


Spring break
Playing outside
Really fun week
I love spring
Nice weather
Gorgeous flowers

Being a kid
Running around
Enjoyable vacation
A week of no learning
electronic week


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