Student Work – Squiggle Story

Students were challenged to draw a squiggle and then write from it. What could it be? What does it look like? 

Terrifying experience
Sea terror
Unbelievable tide
Not a pretty sight
A hair-raising storm
Mad storm
Ill-tempered waves

The Raging Bull was scary,
I was nervous- very.
The first few minutes were fine,
until it became time,
to plunge…

At the time, I thought,
that I was going to pee,
but now I finally see,
it wasn’t so scary.

Squiggle Story [ Dialogue of Narrator has french accent]

Bzz. Bzz. I feel bare. Incomplete. Without my mustache. Wait! They weren’t supposed to cut my mustache! But the other side of my face… it’s as it was before. And I can’t, however terrible I look, can’t cut it off. I hear laughs. Anger wells up inside of me.

“You fool! You’re not supposed to to cut off my moustache. I came here for a shave!”I yell. “Sir, I can cut your other side!” The scared barber murmurs in fright.”No! You are so blindyou will cut my other EAR off.” I scream at the recoiling barber.

I leave the place, taking only slight notice of the surprised people, hurrying press, and the once smiling babies, who are now crying as they see me. What will I do? They will see me now that the french mustache is gone. It was my major disguise. Now, they will easily see that I am the highly rewarded thief, Crooked Master, not there famous Chef Montague.


Leafy Lunch
A breeze blowing in the wind. Swoosh, Swoosh. A piece of seaweed blows with it or is it… Small eyes pop out from the top. A small green mouth is shown. It must be a Leafy Sea Dragon. They are the rarest animals flying in the air. Wait what!!! They live in the air they are supposed to live in the sea. To be continued…….

Clouds, a sand castle, covers on a bed… endless possibilities.

My imagination can take me anywhere. One second I could be playing at the park. The next second, I could be reading at the library. My imagination can go anywhere.

Mood to fall asleep
Understanding owner-NOT!
So bored
Totally need a break
Ahh! I need to itch!
Cot, living in one!
He(my owner) doesn’t understand
Eerie at night

One day Dr.Professor was doing an experiment on a crab. He explained that it would dissassemble him in pod A and reassemble them in pod B. So he pressed a button and a tray of food came out and the doctor picked it up “Oh, I pressed the lunch button instead the launch button.Well I was getting hungry anyways.” so he pressed a different button and zip! Bam!Ding! and a Hissssssss as the doors opened and huh? a crab with a green shell and no legs had rolled out. “Gah!” he cried (the doctor not the crab). then he remembered the turtle he had tried it on. The turtles Molecules must still be in there he thought. He took out the shell DNA and it turned white then he took the shell DNA of a regular crab and injected it into the white crab. The shell was red again. Now the legs he thought. so he took out the remaining turtle DNA and transferred the the dead crabs DNA to the green crab and it turned back to normal. He threw the remaining DNA into the sea and soon two green crabs came out……. Dr. Professor has slight British accent.

Squiggle story: The pit of death

KRAK! A lightning bolt hit the ground and created a giant pit. From the remains of the lightning grew a deadly slime. It injected a deadly poison.
A whale found the pit and decided to investigate what was in there. He grabbed a fist toy in case there was any danger. He looked down into the deep pit. He couldn’t see anything, so he fell into the pit.
When the slime’s poison hit him, he collapsed. The fist toy was broken, and the slime swallowed the whale whole.

a squiggle is not a horse even if it looks likes one






Enproper human


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