Student Work – Squiggle Story

Students were challenged to draw a squiggle and then write from it. What could it be? What does it look like? 

Terrifying experience
Sea terror
Unbelievable tide
Not a pretty sight
A hair-raising storm
Mad storm
Ill-tempered waves

The Raging Bull was scary,
I was nervous- very.
The first few minutes were fine,
until it became time,
to plunge…

At the time, I thought,
that I was going to pee,
but now I finally see,
it wasn’t so scary.

Squiggle Story [ Dialogue of Narrator has french accent]

Bzz. Bzz. I feel bare. Incomplete. Without my mustache. Wait! They weren’t supposed to cut my mustache! But the other side of my face… it’s as it was before. And I can’t, however terrible I look, can’t cut it off. I hear laughs. Anger wells up inside of me.

“You fool! You’re not supposed to to cut off my moustache. I came here for a shave!”I yell. “Sir, I can cut your other side!” The scared barber murmurs in fright.”No! You are so blindyou will cut my other EAR off.” I scream at the recoiling barber.

I leave the place, taking only slight notice of the surprised people, hurrying press, and the once smiling babies, who are now crying as they see me. What will I do? They will see me now that the french mustache is gone. It was my major disguise. Now, they will easily see that I am the highly rewarded thief, Crooked Master, not there famous Chef Montague.


Leafy Lunch
A breeze blowing in the wind. Swoosh, Swoosh. A piece of seaweed blows with it or is it… Small eyes pop out from the top. A small green mouth is shown. It must be a Leafy Sea Dragon. They are the rarest animals flying in the air. Wait what!!! They live in the air they are supposed to live in the sea. To be continued…….

Clouds, a sand castle, covers on a bed… endless possibilities.

My imagination can take me anywhere. One second I could be playing at the park. The next second, I could be reading at the library. My imagination can go anywhere.

Mood to fall asleep
Understanding owner-NOT!
So bored
Totally need a break
Ahh! I need to itch!
Cot, living in one!
He(my owner) doesn’t understand
Eerie at night

One day Dr.Professor was doing an experiment on a crab. He explained that it would dissassemble him in pod A and reassemble them in pod B. So he pressed a button and a tray of food came out and the doctor picked it up “Oh, I pressed the lunch button instead the launch button.Well I was getting hungry anyways.” so he pressed a different button and zip! Bam!Ding! and a Hissssssss as the doors opened and huh? a crab with a green shell and no legs had rolled out. “Gah!” he cried (the doctor not the crab). then he remembered the turtle he had tried it on. The turtles Molecules must still be in there he thought. He took out the shell DNA and it turned white then he took the shell DNA of a regular crab and injected it into the white crab. The shell was red again. Now the legs he thought. so he took out the remaining turtle DNA and transferred the the dead crabs DNA to the green crab and it turned back to normal. He threw the remaining DNA into the sea and soon two green crabs came out……. Dr. Professor has slight British accent.

Squiggle story: The pit of death

KRAK! A lightning bolt hit the ground and created a giant pit. From the remains of the lightning grew a deadly slime. It injected a deadly poison.
A whale found the pit and decided to investigate what was in there. He grabbed a fist toy in case there was any danger. He looked down into the deep pit. He couldn’t see anything, so he fell into the pit.
When the slime’s poison hit him, he collapsed. The fist toy was broken, and the slime swallowed the whale whole.

a squiggle is not a horse even if it looks likes one






Enproper human


Student Work – Spring Break!

I gave students the opportunity (and option to write each day over break).

I am so glad so many have taken this challenge!

Here are some pieces thus far!



My first sleepover. It was a disaster.

We got to Tanay’s house and played clash of clans. I got bored, because I was the only person that wasn’t occupied with a device. Next, we played with nerf guns. I got shot twice. Then, we went to sleep. Everybody was hogging the blankets. Last, we went home. She said the next sleepover would be in one month.

My first sleepover. It was a disaster.


Do you ever feel like nothing can get better than what your doing? Well that is what I was feeling today.

I was downtown. The sun peeked out from the blocky buildings. It was as bright as gold.

The wind rustled the leaves and cars started driving around.

The city was awake.

It felt great walking through Chicago City.

I loved the sight of the pigeons walking around, pecking at the concrete ground trying to find food scraps.

I loved the sound of homeless people playing there saxophone.

I loved smell of the Pot Belly restaurant that was busy making savory soup, salad, and sandwiches.

I loved the way thecars and buses were blurs as they raced across the street.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…………this is the life.


Backhand, left hand, right hand… Tennis. A nice sport if you think about it. I was beating my dad because the wind was in my favor. Then, the wind decided to change direction. I hate you, wind. That set I was beating him by, he won that one. I suppose you can’t have everything in life.


Spring break
Playing outside
Really fun week
I love spring
Nice weather
Gorgeous flowers

Being a kid
Running around
Enjoyable vacation
A week of no learning
electronic week

Student Writing – Big Idea Ideas/Spring Break Plans, etc.

I am probably going to do Doctor Who for my Big Idea because it is my passion. He has 13 regenerations (so far) and is (I think so, others don’t have to agree) awesome. He travels around the world in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). A lot of people know this already, but I am planning a surprise that will test your knowledge of this intergalactic alien superhero.
Because Earth is being destroyed, we might have to go to different place to live. Scientists have found a planet called Kepler 438b. It is the planet most like Earth (besides Earth). I chose Kepler 438b because if we can’t survive global climate change, we have to go to a new planet. Scientists also have researched that this planet might have aliens on it. We might even make new friends! If Earth is going to be destroyed by global climate change, Kepler 438b is the light in our darkness.

Ahhhhh! My mom and Dad surprised me and my sisters were going to universal for spring break. We are going to be there for four days. I might even see Jacob because we will be in the same hotel. I’m still shaking that’s how excited I am. If you don’t know its in Florida and the reason I really want to go there is because the have two Harry Potter theme parks! I’m going to get there on Tuesday, but we’re driving.

Spring Break. Ahhh… What comes to your mind when I say Spring Break?
Here I’ll tell you.
In the top three vacation dates
No work!
Got 2 B somewhere else!

Really! A week! Yes!!!!!
Each student totally deserves it.
A time to make memories.
Kills the last piece of hard work in you for a week.

relaxes your thoughts
gargantuantly bad way

because its a break.
readys you up for a great time
extra fun-time
kicking soccer balls for a week!
Students love It
Perfect for Vacations
It’s test free
Never boring

Beautiful sunshine
Reading lots of books
Entire week of no school
A week of excitement
King of all school breaks

Some, not a ton of fun
Probably one of the best breaks
Reading time
In Florida, it will be fun
No PARCC testing(for once)’!
Great time

Rad activities
Enjoyed time
Arm is sore of turning reading book pages
Keen person who invented SPRING BREAK!!!;)

It’s spring break and I cannot wait for my trip. This is going to be the best spring break ever! I am going to go to Universal and ride all of the thrill rides that they have there. It is going to be a lot of fun. I hope that everybody is going to have a great spring break.

My first time reading the Harry Potter series. I was nervous. How would I like them? What if I didn’t like them?

Thoughts were racing though my mid. I was warned that the first couple chapters in the first book were a little boring. They were boring, but also important. The tabby cat watching them. The men in cloaks. When the Dursley’s get a note saying that Harry Potter needs to go to a special school, they ignore the letter.

Harry meets new friends at his school. They are Hagrid and Ron. The school is Hogwarts, it’s a special school for wizards and witches.


My Spring Break acrostic:

Spending time with family
Play with my sisters
Interesting outfits
No homework!!!
Going to play outside

Bug my sisters
Read more
Extra week OFF!!
All you can eat ice cream
Kill some time on video games

Hey! Do you know those electronics kids stare at everyday? Do you know those washing machines that just make life easier? What about those nifty vehicles that transport you just about anywhere?!!! All these convenient, innovative objects are considered machines!

Student Work – March 18th – Write from a Picture

Students were given the following image to write from:


I jump on Beetle
He twists, trying to bite me
Giddy up! Yee-haw! :)

He is on my back!
Get off Frog! Seriously!
I am NOT a horse! :(


The hunt

Trudge. Trudge. Trudge. It’s time to hunt the little rhino. Weapons? Check. Time for him to feel my wrath. I crept up behind him. I prepared to capture him. I prepared my weapons.
I jumped. I lashed out my invisible claws and scored them into the little rhino. The rhino shrieked, and slowly collapsed onto the hard surface. The mother of the rhino heard the shriek and came charging at me. Her horn hit me, and I was knocked out. Great, two deaths in one hunt.


The frog landed on the horned taxi doing it’s business.
“I’ll pay you 3 water beetles if you let me tourtue you for 3 hours.”
The rhinoceros beetle wolfed down it’s payment.

Believe it or not, the beetle flies with it’s business as fuel.


The frog used it’s tongue to transport himself and disgust death eaters.
SECTOR3:NABOO flashed on a nearby tree.
Yoda leaped by and handed the frog a light saber.
“You have shown your bravery.”
The beetle was awarded a miniature tank helmet. ( with a blaster )
Together they pushed back the storm troopers.
The frog was locked in combat with Chacellor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Ventress at the same time.

They lived in NABOO for the rest of their lives.


Sammie the salamander loved to jump.
He jumped on everything, including lumps.
But turns out the lump ws something else.
The rhinoceres beetle, Mr.Mels.
Mr, Mels thought it was a game.
So Sammie and Mr. Mels played the game with fame.
But Sammie did not know an important thing.
His friend Mr. Mels is not who Sammie thinks.



Mr.Froggy one day met a rhinoceros beetle. He yelled “Let’s ride” and jumped on the beetle. The beetle started to run Mr.Froggy yelled “Yee-Haw!” The beetle started to try to buck the frog ff but Mr.Froggy held on tight. The beetle knowing his efforts were futile stopped trying to buck the frog off. Then they both rode off into the distance.


Nothing to do with picture:

Once apon a time there was a little boy named Jack. He had a mom, and a cow. His family was really poor. One day he met this farmer who was trying to be nice to get good karma. The boy was pretty disappointed because someone he didn’t know tried to steal the cow. Now try to steal my beans. HA!


Buck Buck Buccaneer

I was walking about doing my own business when I saw a rather large snake slithering. Aah! Where are those poisonous fangs when you need them.

I made the unfortunate choice of NOT learning how to swim like a regular frog. I knew I shouldn’t have gone walking on Friday the 13th. Why do i always do this.

I was swept downstream by the rushing river water. When I saw rapids up ahead. I clutched onto my back for dear life. ( what can I say its a frog thing ). I jumped off. Ow! I landed on a rhinoceros beetle’s horn. Giddy up Partner! I yelled so loud it echoed throughout.

Do you know why?! I know why! because we were being chased by a snake! Help! Why am I always getting into trouble so much??? Then disaster struck. That darn beetle bucked me onto its back which glided up and down like a sharp motor. As I hopped up and down like a cowboy on a horse with a large boa constrictor chasing you. When will this end?!


The Rhinoceros Beetle and the Frog
(beetle’s point of view)

Time to invade the amphibians. Mwhahahahhaha!!! Excuse me for my unkind manners. My name is Bull. Ambush! Two frogs come spiralin’ out of nowhere. The first frog is completely pathetic. I strike him with my leg and slam him with my horn. The second frog rodeos on my back, like he thinks he’s some big shot. I use my poisonous gas. The gas takes full effect on him. He falls to the ground and drowns. Bye-Bye frog!


Definition of Gerald: skinny legged, big eyed, big mouthed, orage frog.

Definition of Oscar: huge horned, a pitch black colored beetle.

As the sun peeked out from the trees, and the birds started serenading and the gorillas were beating their chests, Gerald and Oscar awoke. Gerald opened one eye, then the other. Oscar twitched one horn then the other. “Oscar!” exclaimed Gerald. “The forecast says we are going to have a hurricane!” This was actually just a light drizzle for a human. But for someone small it was considered a hurricane. “Take cover!” shouted Oscar. The clouds became as gray as a pencil line. “Oh NOOO!” screamed Gerald. he got hit by 3 raindrops. Oscar was hiding under a leaf now. Gerald clung on top of Oscar. It started to poor. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” they both screamed. They fell out of the tree and landed in a mud puddle. Then, the rain stopped and the sun hurdled in. “We survived the hurrican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they both shouted. ”And this mud puddle is a great place to swim in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Student Work :) 3/17/15

Here I am.

My lips parched.

My throat dry.

My heart pounding.

My legs as tired as ever.

I feel a gust of cool wind rub against my cheeks.

I see different colored shoes right behind me.

I hear our gym teacher, Mrs. Rodino shouting, “Guys, you can do it! Only a few more laps!”

I also hear the rhythm of my shoes hitting the concrete one after the other.

Even though the mile run is tiring, I enjoy it for a lot of reasons: the fun of running in the wind as the sun shines over your hair. The refreshing gulps of water you take. The sigh of relief as you reach the finish line. The feeling of victory, satisfaction, accomplishment spreading inside you.


5 more steps till I reach the finish line. My eyes burn from the never ending wind.

4 more steps till I reach the finish line. My hair flies all over the place.

3 more steps till I reach the finish line. I hear people drinking water nonstop.

2 more steps till I reach the finish line. My gym shoes are almost falling off.

1 more step till I reach the finish line. I leap and land on the wet, watery grass.

Gasping for air, I acknowledge that I finished 3rd place. It really didn’t matter. As long as I enjoyed it.

I had ran the “Fun Run”.


I never ever wanted to go to Mexico. It wasn’t THAT good in the brochure. But things changed on the way to Mexico. My dad lightened my mood by letting me playing video games on the DS. My mom cheered me up by giving me lots of Ritz crackers. I was so glad when I got there. I got drinks, food, and more special treatment, even at the POOL. When we got to our hotel, the room was spectacular. Chocolates and other candies lay on the cabinet. The bed was made perfectly, like the ones on TV commercials. That was on of my best vacations of all time(except Hawaii).


The nurse motions for me to sit down. I eye the scary machine in the corner as she asks, “Patankar, right? Not the other one?” I nod and sit by the telescope, remembering when I stared into this 2 years ago. Vividly. And at that time, I didn’t need glasses. I wouldn’t this time, too. I fill with confidence as she says,”Describe which way the capital E is turned.” I look into the machine, my eye up close. She recites the letters next to the E’s. But as I tell her the direction, my stomach’s knots were getting tighter, and my face was growing pale pink.

The E’s were getting smaller.

Way smaller.

Box-looking, not E looking.

I couldn’t SEE the last one. I knew it was a problem.
As I got up, she handed me a cream colored envelope.

Trouble. I walked up the stairs with my group, and hid the envelope in my desk. I wasn’t brave enough to open it. Guess I’ll have to see it with Mom and Dad.

To be continued.

Student Work 3/15/15 PERSONAL NARRATIVES!

20 students eyes up at me. Butterflies in my stomach. I was SO nervous.

NO. Don’t let that negative voice get in the way Faith. Just do your best, you can do it. That is what I kept telling myself.
I wouldn’t have been as nervous if I had planed what I was going to say. It wasn’t a long speech, nothing fancy. Just talking about what I love to do most: rainbow loom. I was going to pass around some of my charms and loom. But I had so many what ifs?

What if someone snaps a band?

What if they don’t like my presentation?

What if someone’s not careful with one of my charms?

But here’s the weird thing: I was excited. Excited to share my talent with my teacher(s) and classmates. Excited to get this OVER WITH. When I finished, I was so, SO glad it was over. And when you’re nervous or stressed, just take a deep breath and everything will be okay.


Beep! Honk! Sounds were booming in my ears. Were we here already? I saw lush green grass in one corner of my eye, but in the other I saw panic,worries, but the picture that vividly came to mind even though vivid was the least of my abilities. Darkness. Pure darkness. nothing but darkness. Any way have you guessed where I am yet?

This was my first time in Downtown. We were stuck in a gas- guzzling car. I hated everything about that car ride. Thank goodness it was a rental. My advice to you if you don’t like something think about what will happen when you are through with it, and things will seem a whole lot brighter. I promise.


ang! Crash!

Scratches covered my leg, but that was nothing compared to the aggravating pain in my knee. I couldn’t bring myself to see the sight. But I know it was gushing blood. I was so scared. And MAD. How could people make such a horrible invention: a bike without training wheels.

My bike was on me, without my protective training wheels. The road and the weight of the bike hurt so much.

After that, I can only remember band-aids and cotton balls,disinfectant and my dad carrying me home.

Don’t ever panic when you get hurt;physically and emotionally. My dad was in a BIG pickle trying to get me home, and me crying my eyes didn’t help. Trust me; you don’t want a frustrated helper/doctor. Also don’t give up. I had MANY of these falls, and it’s been 3 years since I said bike riding on my own. Negatives only last so long.


I was thrown backward as adults with wine bottles walked into the room.
Kids splintered the ground with electronics. The T.V was turned on impossibly fast agilly in a few miniseconds.
Electronics were plugged with chargers.
Screens turned on with Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Angry Birds, and…………………………………………..
Traffic Racer.

But the bad, dreadful things REALLY happened when the WII turned on.
The was a crazy, hectic line of people waiting.
White hot lobster, crab meat, and pasta was served.


I watched as clans clashed clans.
Mining trips were approved, birds smashed into pigs, and cars smashed into disingenerated and dispatched Vans.
My own screen turned on and I went to Jetpack Joyride.
The sound of scientists( NERDS) was definite.
And the Jetpack rattled as a rainbow colored gear turned the character to M.r C.U.D.D.L.E.S, a robot dragon.

And that’s what I did on thanksgiving.

No! I left my electric scooter on overnight. MOM! Can I go to the Huntington park? Ok, but I’m coming too, says my mom. Whatever. I press the button to on the electric scooter to the fullest speed: 12 miles per hour. Woohoo! This is fun, until I get there….. 5 minutes later: Okay. This electric scooter really is wobbly. This can only mean one thing; This machine is almost out of battery. Oh no. As I turn back to go home, the electric scooter stops. Lesson: always come prepared when going anywhere.


Horse on the loose
So it started one day I was a horseback riding camp. I was riding a troublesome horse called Windy.
So we were just walking and a horse named bravo got stung by a bee and started cantering around like he was crazy.
Unfortunately the rider could not control him so the teacher said ” Run him into Gordy”. So she did and he stopped.
After a while of walking the teacher said to trot again. So the same thing happened Bravo got stung again but this time the rider fell off so there was a horse on the loose!!! We had to go into the middle and dismount. While bravo went crazy!

When you ride a horse it’s not just sitting on the horse but to communicate with the horse and when a horse spooks never scream or the horse will go wild so remain CALM!!!!!!!


Title: The Spelling Bee(2013-2014)
Thank god I studied for the sixth grade spelling words.”Derivative,” Mr. Armamentos reads of the spelling list. D-E-R-I-V-A-T-I-V-E. Correct! I watch Riya and Anish, their faces screwed up in concentration, trying to spell their words correctly. Anish spelled his word incorrectly. Just me and Riya left. Riya spells her word wrong. If I spell the next two words correctly, I become champion. Pressure surrounds me. I know I can do this. “Complacency.” This one should be easy. Think! I think to myself, Com-pla-cen-cy. Right. I say, “C-O-M-P-L-A-C-E-N-C-Y.” That is correct, Mr.A says. All the boys are looking at me, as if they need me to win. “Juxtapose,” Mr.A reads off. J-U-X-T-A-P-O-S-E. Correct!!! I’ve won the class Spelling Bee. I congratulate everyone else who competed. It was a happy day for me.(a true story)


The mile run(s)

My heart is pounding. This is the first time I’m doing the mile run.
When we started, I started with a jog. I gradually ran faster. When I finished the first lap, I felt a little tired. I slightly became more tired on the second lap. I felt a little more tired on the third lap. On the final lap, I felt exhausted. I finally finished the mile run.
I gasped for air. I got a time of 8 minutes 25 seconds. Yay? At least I got third in the class.
The next time I did the mile run, I wasn’t as nervous. When I finished, my heart wasn’t beating that fast. I got 7 minutes 20 seconds this time.

When you run a long distance, you kind of run fast in the beginning, and then you jog when you feel tired.



Water drips from the rocks along the lazy river. Kaia and Alex come screaming by. WAIT KAIA AND ALEX?!? I opened my eyes ” we’re going on the Eagles Nest want to come?” Sure, what’s the Eagles Nest? They point to a big tube twisting and turning along the waterpark.

Stairs, stairs and stairs. Guess what about a mile of stairs. How high is this thing? As we reach the top, screams echo through the dome-like tube. Even though I love thrill rides my stomach is twisting and turning like the tube. We get on. Push! AHHHHHHHHH! My hands grip the balloon-like fabric. Squeaks from the raft follow us through. The water starts to get rough. Polp! The raft goes up then down. We all bounce around!


It’s pure black. OH NO! I hate dark rides you can’t tell where you’re going. I start to scream. Then I see light and other sweet, living people. YEAH, THANK YOU WORLD IM FREEEEEEEE! Back to the lazy river.


Student Work 3/15/15

The wind rushed with me. I went down the hill. AHHHHHHHH!! Right in front of me, there were two humongous pools of water. I went straight through them. Oh well.


Just. So. Satisfying.
There are all kinds of books, all twisted in some ways.
The indescribable trance you are in when you read a book is always different.
A plethora of fantasy, wonder, innovative ideas, a paradise of beauty, awe, and……..

Inspiration, the critic that pushes our crisises away and forces our fears away from the wonderful brain we all have.
If you want to see the greatest places, grandest landmarks………………….



I fly over the gleaming lighthouse surrounded by the rough sea. I am looking for my lost birdling. I can feel it. This was the same lighthouse where the fox tricked me into dropping my baby. Where I had been a foolish mother. You may know me as the crow from the fox and the crow by Aesop. But my real story is that I didn’t drop a piece of meat to that fox, I dropped my beloved child, Scrambles. Scrambles isn’t eaten;that fox stole her. those evil foxes have always wanted to train birds to catch flying food. MY poor little muffin is turning evil. Those humans will never know that their so-called stories are true.

THE END- Oh, my life has to many!


Today I went shopping to get some things to get ready for Spring Break. First we went to Half Price Books to buy 30 books to donate to Bernie’s Book Bank. Next we went to Toys R Us and bought 2 lego minifigures series 13. Then we went to Target for about 2 hours to go shopping for clothes for Florida. Finally we went to Chipotle to pick up lunch and then we headed home.


A pile of black mush comes out of the chicken as she stops for a few seconds.Eww. I shold have gone wih chief to investigate the pearl necklace. Atleast I wouldnt be running across Main St.about to get killed by a car racing down the street.

Wow. This is is one fast chicken.

Instead of doing this, I should be asking if you are supposed to call the police to go chasing a chicken crossing the New Mexico-Arizona border!


I was so scared of the yellow ride. About a 85° slant downwards, and a 265 meter drop. Just go, already, said Tanay, my brother’s best friend. Fine, I yell over the rippling waves. Ready set goo!! I immediately thought of eating when I almost slipped on the water. Now that I look back, I know I’m not a coward.


I am so excited Spring Break is just around the corner. My family and I have been making preparations for this trip for a two months. We have been packing and shopping and waiting for a long time. I can’t wait because Spring Break is around the corner!


“Oh no!” That was my sisters voice. “My wind up pony broke.” Fast forward two months…………. The pony was sitting on Claire’s glass shelf. It hadn’t been touched for ages. I didn’t really think about the next thing I did, but I picked up the delicate object and started fixing it.

The two back legs on the pony had snapped, so if I taped them together, they would trot along the table gracefully. I got scotch tape and put the pieces together.

Done. I showed it to Claire. She thanked me as we watched it galloping on the coffee table making a clicking noise.