Student Writing 3/13/15

The mile run(s)

I’m nervous. This is the first time I’m doing a mile run. I started off with a jog, and then began to run faster.
When I finished the first lap, I didn’t feel that tired. I slightly became more tired on the third lap. On the final lap, I felt exhausted.
I finally finished the mile fun. I got a time of 8 minutes 25 seconds. Yay? At least I got third place in the mile run. The mile run made me extremely exhausted, but it was worth it. This year I got 7 minutes 20 seconds. I was pretty proud of my score. Now I like mile runs.


All about me: rainbow loom

I was SO scared. Words can’t say how scared I was. Friday morning I was freaking out. What will the class think? What if the class doesn’t like it? My all about me was on rainbow loom. I felt a wave of emotions. Nervous, scared, and excited. I was feeling excited because I wanted to share what I liked, no, scratch that, LOVED with the class. When it was over, I thought, that wasn’t so bad, it seemed like they liked it.


Its time, I am going to play Ek Hasina Ti. My mom is recording it. Lets do this. Dun dundun dun, dun dundun dun, dun dun dundun dun. Dun dundun dun dun, dundun dun dun dun dun. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You might think seeing Downtown for the first time is exciting, but in real life it was not. When I heard horns beeping I knew we were here. I woke up after the astonishingly long 1 hour trip to the city of boring buildings. I knew I was ready to have some serious fun, but I thought this place was way more than just boring old buildings.

My mom ushered me to a boring old building just like the others, but inside it looked like someone blew up the place. It was a surprise welcome party with the smelll of fish


I started to enter the water. It was about 60° Fahrenheit. Was I going to make the swim team? 50 seconds for 50 yards.
TAKR YOUR MARKS, GOOO!!!! I immediately started swimming, since there was no diving. I made the time in 49.21 seconds(around that time). I did IIIIIITTTTTT! Yessssss.


Wow! The green plastic blade of my light saber was a blur in constant motion. I felt it slipping out my hand. I got a firmer grip. As I was swinging it around, I was thinking: what if somebody knew how to make a real lightsaber? I was so distracted by this question, that I didn’t see my mom’s fresh orchids behind me. To be continued……….


THE SPELLING BEE!(2013-2014)

This is it. To be champion, I must spell the next two words. “Juxtapose”, Mr. Armamentos says. I say, “J-U-X-T-A-P-O-S-E. Correct! Final word. I can do it. “Complacency.” C-O-M-P-L-A-C-E-N-C-Y. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve won the Spelling Bee. It was a happy day.


What can I get for Christmas? Maybe a pair of slippers, or some hot chocolate, I don’t know. But for some reason I got something else: the best remote control police race car. That was my second favorite Christmas gift. My favorite Christmas gift, of course, was my electric scooter.


Personal Narratives

Tomorrow, I will be introducing personal narratives to my class. The objective is to concentrate on a small moment in time and provide details to engage your readers in your feelings during that event.

I thought I would share with you a piece I wrote to read on the day of my grandmother’s funeral. This piece is considered a personal narrative as it concentrates on my last few moments with her, rich in detail.


Student Writing: Duel or Duet?

Students were involved in some collaborate writing this week. They were asked to create a duel or duet with their partners, per the instructions on my previous blog.



Olives vs. No Olives (Duel)

Olives are sooo good. My favorite type of olive is the black olive. I like olives because they represent Athena, the goddess of wisdom. They also represent peace and friendship. There are different types of olives: black olives, green olives, and pimiento olives. I love it when the holes in the olives are big enough to stick your finger in and pretend it is a ring.

I don’t know why people don’t like olives. Anybody who doesn’t like olives doesn’t have sense, ’cause olives are awesome!


Yuck! Olives! Those things! They look like deformed alien eyes! But the taste of them is unbearable. It’s like you’re swallowing the whole sea. Too salty! No olives=happy people! Olives taste like the smell of wine. They are destroying pizza as they appear on the crust! And plus, who wants to eat a slimy thing that looks like an eyeball!!!!!!!!! Definition of olives: deformed aliens that taste like the salty ocean and the the smell of wine. Disgusting foods!!!!!!!


Cat vs. Dog (Duel)

Scratch, scratch! Meow! Cats are creatures.
But not like dogs.

Dogs are sweet, loyal, and a good friend. Cats can scratch and ruin your home.
You spend less money on a dog. Toys only cost a couple of $$$. Plus, you don’t need to buy a litter box. Cats need a cat tree. That costs a lot of money.

Some breeds are rescue dogs. That means they help people in trouble. People that are berried in stuff, or are hurt. Cats just sit around all day sleeping. They do nothing except sleep.


No more smelly dog. Being a cat gives you the ability to sneak passed the dog then you can jump on it and give it a good scratch. When you are a cat you don’t have to go in the soapy tub. Cats are friendly and cuddly furballs. Plus you don’t have to walk your cat or take it out to go the bathroom.


Fire vs. Water (Duel)

Without heat, everything would die. Fire is better because it brings heat

and clears water away. Water washes away people, and big waves only

cause destruction. Fire helps people forge stuff, and burns unwanted

things down. Go fire!


Hermione and Ron (Duet)

Hermoine and Ron are like chocolate chips in a cookie. Hermoine is a bookworm. If she were your friend you would be stuck with her in the library all day. I agree with her choice of marriage. Yes, the fight with each other, but deep down they are the best of friends. Sometimes Hermoine cries in a moment of anger and strangely the making of weird choices.

That is Hermoine and Ron together like chocolate chips in a cookie.


Spiderman vs. Batman (Duel)

Spider-man is so much better than bat-man because spider-man was stuck with his power, unlike bat-man. Bat-man doesn’t know how to get rid of crime. Since Bat-man is a billionaire, he can donate to Gotham’s schools and help stop crime. As with Spider-man, he is just a teenager and does not have a ton of money and does the best of his ability to help fight crime. UNLIKE Bat-man!


Batman is this awesome guy who saves the world. Spider Man is a teen who does not save the world. Batman has bat-gear which is awesome. Spider Man just swings around doing nothing. Batman defeats villains while Spider Man eats pizza. Batman has a secret lair. Spider Man lives in a tiny apartment. So Batman is the better one.


Dumbledore vs. Voldemort (Duel)

Dumbledore vs. Voldemort
Love is the greatest power in the world.
Oh, you can call me a barmy old codger. But young Harry was saved by
love. The energy and power of Lily’s love has left that scar upon his
Voldemort (oh don’t. A name has no power.) has, does, and will never
understand the power of love. Power, pure blood, and past will be the
end of Voldemort. Alas, I won’t be there to see it. I cannot bear to see
my loved in pain. I am ready to die. Love is a weapon Harry must use to
demolish Voldemort forever, not to win a battle, like when he was 1, but to win the war.


Avada Kedavra!!!
Ha,ha,ha Lord Voldemort has risen agin!!! Eleven years I
have waited, eleven years of waiting, I will rise again.
That old heap of creaking bones, that brain washed Dumbledore.
Power, greatness, and Dark Magic. Not Love.
Love is Dumbledores favorite topic. Love, he says, conquers death. Love Dumbledore’s favorite solution.
See Dumbledore! Love didn’t save you from death! [ You died just like James and Lily Potter]


Terreria vs. Clash of Clans (Duel)

“Terraria” vs. “Clash of Clans” (Gavin vs. Adu)
Terraria is the best.
So many things to see.
Billions of items for you and plenty for me.
This is definitely the game for me.
Tons and tons of terrains to travel through.
So many things to build, to craft, to mine, to destroy,
this is the game for me.
Fantasy, myths, legends, and even religion too.
This is definitely, the game for me, and I bet you’ll agree, right after you see
how many things there are for you to do.
Don’t stick with “clash of clans”.
Because I plan to change your plans.
If it’s a warfare game you are looking for, I’ve got something you should see.
Or a skill game, with a bit of strategy.
Or building or mining or blowing stuff up with TNT ,
crafting, adventure, a game that’s rated T.
And if THAT’S not enough for you there is even PVP!
If you’re looking for a game that incorporates all of the above.
Then have I got the game for you, a game that you will love.
I’ll even spell it out:
Well what does that say:
Ter-ra-ri-a Terraria.
What do you say,
do you want to play?


You see, clash of clans is good, for you and me. With upgrades every month, you will not grunt when your game is already beat. You will feat the game called clash of clans.
Clash of clans is not banned. When you play terraria your mind will go haywire from the the trillions of combinations. That is called addiction. If Steve Jobs and Bill Gates played terraria, you wouldn’t be doing you homework right now. So I say, If you want to play a video game, play clash of clans, at least you will be fine, mentally.“ Clash of clans” the clash chants. Lets play.

Student Work – SOL March 11th

The vault split open in murderous amounts.
Lily and James toppled over the vast amount of Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. Lily was wincing and grimacing as the goblin coins spilled on top of her head. Meanwhile, James was repeatedly saying “I’m rich!”
Hagrid explained that all the money came from when Harry, who was currently the headmaster of Hogwarts, won all that money from winning the Triwizard Tournament. Finally, in a few hours, they would be racing out of Diagon Alley, and would be boarding the Hogwarts Express!


Every hundred years a dark wizard is born ( Jennifer Lynn Alvarez )
The dark wizard is Cornelius Fudge.
Before every dark wizards birth there is a prophecy his is…

On February 1st a dark wizard will be born. He will either destroy or take magic away
from the rest of the world forever.


Duel or Duet?

Writing Strategy: Duel or Duet

*Definition/description of writing strategy “lifted” from Greg Armamentos (@dashthebook):



1st: List several opposite concepts, or antonyms. Examples:

– Awake vs. Asleep

– Chaotic vs. Calm

– Tolerance vs. Immersion

– Marvel Universe vs. DC

– Boxers vs. (oops, never mind)

2nd: You and your collaborating partner each choose a side. Write your own post from that standpoint. Sing the praises of your perspective. Pick of few playful holes in the other side.

3rd: Post each to your blog, and link them. Let your readers enjoy point vs. counterpoint.

You can read more about dueling posts here


1st: List several similar concepts, or play with words along a continuum. Enjoy discerning the nuances between synonyms. Examples:

– Flying or Soaring 

– Running or Racing

– Innovation or Creation

– Reading a book in a warm cafe, or curled on your couch with your latest novel

– Hosting a feast for friends, or having a special meal with family

2nd: You and your collaborating partner each choose your part of the same song. Write your own post from that vantage point. Sing the praises of your perspective. Dig into what makes it resonate with you. Perhaps contrast it to your partner’s side, but enjoying both views. You’re creating harmony.

3rd: Post each to your blog, and link them. Let your readers enjoy the blended voice that you and your partner have jointly created.

So find a partner. To playfully spar with, or to sync with. Duke it out, or dance.

I’ll post some here in the coming days, and I look forward to reading yours as well.

This invitation promises to be a fun challenge.


We collaboratively created a piece ‘dueling’ old vs. young. Mr. A. sung the praises of being young and how awful it  is to get old. Miss Nasca and the class created a piece that encouraged getting older. Here it is. Enjoy!


Oh to be Young Again…

By: Mr. Armamentos

Some say age is just a number.
Age is also gray hair.
And gravity.
My strong chest has dropped down to become a saggy waist.

Sure, age might be a number
but it is a growing number.
More years,
more pounds,
more gray hairs
or maybe less hairs altogether
and more bald advertising space on top of the noggin.

Young perhaps is a bit uninformed
but young is vibrant
young is innocent
young is fearless
young is invincible

When I was young,
I knew everything
I was full of dreams
I ran towards challenges
and if I fell
I rose again

When I was young
the world was huge
and inviting
ready to be conquered

When I was young
I never wanted to sleep
but I wanted to savor each day
each night
and all the moments in between

When I was young
my eyes saw clearly
as a pair
and 20/20 was perfection

Now I see but a blur
glasses on for far away
glasses off to read
and the numbers on my visual prescription
are no longer in unison

When I was young
There were weddings
and baby showers
that gathered friends and family
and added to our numbers

Now we are brought together
when someone passes,
their number being called
as our group of elders
senses numbers dwindling
or numbers being etched
on markers
telling beginning
and ending

I’ll take a younger number
invert my 51 to 15
transform my reddening eyes
to reddened skin
teen inflicted acne

braces on my teeth
instead of braces for my knees
youthful ignorance
vs. the wisdom of ages

Oh to be young again.
If age is just a number
then trade with me
if you’re younger.
and welcome the gravity
that awaits you.

Old is Bold

By: Miss Nasca & the class

I dislike being young.

Everybody knows it’s true; being old is better than being a baby…I mean young.

When you are old, you can do whatever you want. Like, WHATEVER you want.

When you get older, you make more $$$$$$$$$$$$. Cold. Hard. Cash.

When you are old, you will never have to BEG Mom, Dad, or Santa to get you a dog.

Being old = NO SCHOOL FOR ME!

I want more respect, more experience, more wisdom, a driver’s license!

When I am older, I will have my own kids and tell THEM what to do.

I don’t want to be babied

Young people can’t drive and aren’t that awesome.

Young people waste their money…on toys and dolls.

Being old is bold.

Slice of Life – March 10th – Student Work

Lifting a Line Writing Strategy – Student Work 🙂

Title: The one and only survivor. (Fiction)
(First sentence lifted from Emily’s journal)

“HONK HONK!!!!!!” It was the sound of a fairy boat ready to sail. I walked up to the huge thing and climbed on board.

The wind made my hair fly all over the place. I was occasionally sprayed with a mist of water. The sun peeked up from the trees which gave me a warm feeling. The ship glided smoothly over the emerald sea.

Oh no! Something just caught my eye.

Life boats.

Life boats are what caught my eye.

Orange, puffy life boats.

People were filed in the boats with life vests on.

I went to see the captain. What was going on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain George gave a sigh. “THE BOAT IS SINKING!!!!!!!!! GET ON A LIFE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Do not panic.

I was the only one on the ship now.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. OH…………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boat was tipping.


“Splash!” I fell into the ice cold sea.

Frost bite.

That is what I was thinking. I was going to get frost bite any second. Now it was pitch black. The only thing I could make out were specks of neon orange life boats. Then all of a sudden, the boat fell totally over and crushed the life boats. After that, no specks of orange or people appeared.

The boat was still sinking deep down. I grabbed something floating around.

I could not believe my luck!

The thing that I picked up happen to be two deflated water wings that were strapped together! I quickly blew them up, but I decided to keep them strapped together. Now I could sit on it with only my feet in the water.

Just as the sun rose up, something passed my leg. I was so distracted by this that I fell off my floaty!

What was the thing that passed by me?!!!!!!!! Where was my floaty? !!!!!!!! How did I get so lucky and unlucky?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All these questions stuck to my head like super glue.

Just then, I felt a sharp run down my arm. There were huge teeth marks on it. I looked in the water just in time to see a huge shark with huge teeth, and huge fins!!! I spotted my floaty, but the shark had already teared it to shreds.

I had to face the fact.

I was petrified.

As I was swimming underwater frantically, something hooked me. My head bobbed up. I was close to a fishing dock. But I couldn’t swim any longer. That’s when I started to get reeled in. “This ones going to be a big old fish” I heard someone say in a slangy way.

I finally reached the dock. It was an old man that had hooked his fishing hook on my shirt. I was relieved.

The one and only survivor!!!!!!!!


I yelped and I screamed, and of course, I cried in pain. (Lifted from
Harini’s Coca Cola.) I looked down. Scarlet red blood was
streaming down my hand. Ahh! I was so scared. What should I do?
10 minutes ago.
I got a guava, knife, and cutting board. Mmm. I sat on the couch and
started to cut. I turned the guava, and looked up. Hmm. Should I do my
math homework or my writing…OWWW!!
I yelped and I screamed, and of course, I cried in pain.I looked down.
Scarlet red blood was streaming down my hand. I ran to the bathroom
and put it under the water. My left pointer finger had a big cut which
was leaking every second. Then, I started crying. Wailing. I realized that
my sister could help me. But if I went to get her, I would drip. So I..
As loud as I could. It was deafening. My sisters footsteps were as loud as
ever. I showed and explained. She yelled at me, then lectured me, and
then finally got a cotton ball and stopped the sickening sight. She
cleaned it and put a bandage.
Then, she yelled at me and lectured me some more. And more.
Now, my finger is good. I still need a band aid. And I still clean it and
wash it. But it doesn’t gush blood. But I have to thing one handed, so it
won’t hurt. Oh, well. I might even have a scar. At least I learned my
lesson. Pay A LOT of attention when using a knife and don’t make
mistakes when your mom is out of town. It sounds louder on the phone!


Books are great things.(lifted line from Shruti’s writing. In fact there awesome! Books can take you so many places. Books can make you feel happy. Or there are sometimes when books make you feel sad. Books to can cheer you up when you’re sad.

Books can also take you many different places. These places can be magical or made up. Sometimes you can make connections with a character in the book to real life.

My favorite genres are Realistic Fiction, Mystery, and Fantasy. I can usally make connections to characters in realistic fiction. In fantasy, it’s fun to read about made up worlds. Mystery is my favorite. Nothing is what it seems to be!


Meow! Meow! (From Shruti Patanker’s writing)I loved all animals except

one prowling and ferocious feline. Cats. They were my worst enemy. The

worst of them all. Ever since that little accident that changed my opinion

on household, cute, cuddly cats. I just came back from my friends house.

I was sweltering with heat, so my mom prepared some refreshing

watermelon juice. Just as I saw a tail in the garden. Do gardens have

tails? No probably not but I decided to check.

I saw a cat in the garden since my dad was allergic to household cats I

could not keep the precious beauty, but as soon as went inside to get it

some food my dad started to shout. I knew he was going to sneeze so I

decided to wash my hands. When I fed the cat a little bit of bacon it

prowled, and purred. I thought “what harm could it do if it was in the

garden”, oh but I was going to have my punishment for letting it stay. As

soon as I let go of it it scratched any open skin it could find. That was the

day I found that they were meant to be mean and bad those cats.

Up to that day I have never touched a household kitten or cat ever again.

Instead I pet dogs.


Lifted line from The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan:

Listen, we only have a few minutes. Why? Because deadly gases are roaming the earth, global warming is endangering animals, no thanks to cow gas, and we are not helping at all. Think about it as a giant burning monster rising from the South Pole, going to the North Pole. We need to stop global warming. It’s not even a joke anymore. We have to do something.


Boy, did I get burned! I just felt like joining the Titans in the Titanomachy. I

felt that I couldn’t betray my family. When we lost the war, I had a special

punishment. I didn’t go to Tartarus like the other Titans. Zeus made me

hold up the sky (Uranus) for eternity! I got an even bigger punishment

when Perseus got mad at me and turned me to stone. I turned into the

Atlas Mountain range! I wish I joined the Olympians in the Titanomachy.


A Perfect Day!

“This is the day”.I never thought this would be my perfect day. In the

morning at 11:00, I had a soccer game and my team won 17-0. After that

we celebrated a long time. When I got home I went to the bowling alley

and played with my friends because it was my birthday. I got 5 strikes. I

had cake and pizza. I opened my gifts at home and they were very nice.

Lots of books! Yay! Then I went to my friend’s house and we played

Madden NFL, a video game and we threw his football around in his

backyard. Directly after that we saw a movie, Percy Jackson and the

Lightning Thief. When I went home, I had very good Indian food for dinner.

I went to sleep with happiness inside my tummy. It truly was a long

perfect day!


“Avavda Kedavra!”

Muggles fell to there doom. He was after something but what? The new Voldemort perhaps. His name would now be feared. Draco. Draco was after horcruxes not others but his own, and he knew just who to kill, the one who finished THE Dark Lord off. Harry Potter and his pathetic friends Hermione, Ginny and Ron.

At home Albus was pranking Lily, just around the corner and “BOOOOOOO!” Lily did not cry she slapped him. “Ouch!” Harry came in rushing out the door, but it was his day off James was suspicious.

At the Weasley’s house Ron was sleeping in as usual while Hermione cooked breakfast. Harry apparated in. “Did you see the news? It’s Voldemort all over again!” Harry said calmly. “RON WALK UP!” Hermione shouted. “Kids out, out.” Hermione stated.

To be continued…


Line lifted from: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, by Kelly Clarkson.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Less fragile.
Every time somebody says “You can’t do it”, it makes me want to prove them
wrong. Make them believe that I can, no matter what they say. Sure, they can
doubt me, but they can’t stop me from showing them otherwise. Sure, I make
mistakes, but I learn from them. They might say “You aren’t good enough”, but I
am as good as anyone else. We all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses.
Weaknesses can be powerful. They can challenge you, and build you up, or they can
tear you down. The critic inside can team up with your weaknesses, and then wreak havoc on you, if you don’t believe that you CAN, or you WILL. What doesn’t kill you makes you more powerful.


Avada Kedavara! (Malia) That will show those spiders. This is my first day at Hogwarts and I am already in trouble. Just because I killed a little spider. I can’t believe that I am going to detention I heard that here detention is serious. I have to go into the Forbidden Forest for one night. I told the Head of Ravenclaw that I was just practicing magic when a Teacher put me into detention so he let me miss detention. That was a close one.

Today I am going to have fun and play so I will not be able to get detention. After I have my fun and the day is done I go to bed peacefully. I think I will write some more about Hogwarts tomorrow.











Slice of Life March 10th – Student Work

Mr. A:

“Lifting a Line” Day 2

“I tried to coax her out of her little nest.” (Lifted  from Faith’s journal, with her permission)

I tried to coax the little on out of her nest. She had been reluctant to spread her wings and come on to the stage, after witnessing some of the callous feedback from the cruel, juvenile crowd.

Kids can be so mean sometimes.

But Rachel had such a rare gift. She could sing with the angels. Her melodic voice could melt even the hardest of hearts, if we could only get her up to the microphone.

As powerful as her gift was, she was a timid soul. Fear gripped her often, and it would be difficult to get her to take the leap of faith and have her sing to the high school crowd. She would need a demonstration of similar courage. Someone she knew, and trusted, would have to fall on their own sword first. They would have to go on the stage before, and risk their own humiliation.

I swallowed hard, knowing there was a perfect person to make such a sacrifice, who was equally as timid as Rachel, but not nearly as talented.

I pulled back the curtain, and walked out to the center of the stage.

Grabbing the microphone, I began to sing. Warble, really. Until I saw Jake, smiling, from his wheelchair. He gave me all the confidence I needed to sing.

And before I could finish the first verse, Rachel had joined me on the stage, her voice lifting the rows of students to their feet.

Kids can be so sweet sometimes.